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Get yourself a smart and flexible keptn for running cloud-native apps on Kubernetes

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Sail the stormy seas with keptn! This enterprise-grade framework helps developers deploy cloud-native apps to any Kubernetes cluster. Keep your developers from mutiny with keptn’s automated multistage unbreakable delivery pipelines, self-healing deployments, and event-driven runbook automation.

The best way to navigate the stormy Kubernetes seas is to have a great captain. But sometimes, developers are not great at spelling. keptn is a fabric for cloud-native life-cycle automation at the enterprise scale.

This framework provides developers with the opportunity to deploy their cloud-native apps on to any Kubernetes cluster. Plus, keptn automatically solves problems with the self-healing blue/green deployments. It’s hard to argue with a captain that can get your deployment pipeline working again in under a minute.


keptn offers developers a lot of cool features and functions. Probably the most exciting is the self-healing blue/green deployments. If your deployments follow the “operations as code” paradigm, then they will automatically fix a number of problems. You won’t need to troubleshoot anything as your deployment pipeline can get working again in under a minute.

Other features include things like automated, Git-enabled delivery pipelines and event-driven runbook automation. The pipelines support automated testing and monitoring-as-a-service. Additionally, production problems can be solved in real-time by executing runbooks with no manual intervention. In general, keptn is aiming for a hands-off managerial style, letting automation take care of lots of the scutwork.

Use cases for this framework include things like:

  • Performance as a Service
  • Production deployments
  • Runbook automation and self-healing
  • Unbreakable delivery pipelines

No one can see the future, but keptn aims to make sure one-off implementations don’t ruin your day a few months or years down the line. The core framework allows developers to build cohesive and standardized cloud native fabric for whatever they need. There’s no vendor lock in and tools can replaced easily and simply. Keep flexible and stay smart with best practices out of the box.

Designed with collaboration in mind, all keptn workflows are based on GitOps. It’s event-driven, serverless, and built for modern, cloud-native Kubernetes. Plus, logic components can be reused for other tasks, along with monitoring and operations as code.

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Hiring keptn for your own crew

Keptn is an open source enterprise-grade framework for shipping and running cloud-native applications and curated by Dynatrace.  As a basic rule, you’ll need either Kubernetes or Amazon EKS before you can set sail.

Find more information on GitHub or on the keptn website. Follow the keptn twitter for updates and fun boat-related puns.

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