Hudson/Jenkins Vote Open

Kawaguchui Appeals to Hudson Community over Jenkins Vote

Jessica Thornsby

With the voting process now underway, the Hudson creator makes one last appeal to the community.

The vote for Jenkins is open now, but Hudson creator Kohsuke Kawaguchui has still found the time to post one last appeal for the community to vote for Jenkins. He also takes the opportunity to shed further light on the situation at Oracle, which resulted in him spearheading the re-naming process:

“When the representative of Oracle says it to my face that I should just go find something else to work on, or that I need to immediately stop making [infrastructure] changes or the next email I will receive will be from their lawyers, or when you hear him describe me as a hurdle to the community, I think writing on the wall is pretty clear to me.”

Regardless of the outcome of the vote, he confirms he will move onto Jenkins and is confident that many key core and plugin contributors will also join the project. The vote is now open, and members of the users and the dev list are eligible to vote. Please see Andrew Bayer’s post for more information.


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