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Just in time for EclipseCon – Jubula and GUIdancer get new versions

Chris Mayer

The GUI testing tools get a makeover ahead of being part of the Juno release train.

As many put the final touches to their projects for the upcoming EclipseCon (and the big day for Eclipse Juno), Bredex have announced standalone versions for the GUI testing tools, Jubula 1.2 and GUIdancer.

The releases claim to add new features to make test result reporting a doddle and analysis more comfortable, so that the Eclipse community can easily integrate test results into the development process. The team showcased just some of the new features that will become part of the Juno release on their blog.

Both GUIdancer and Jubula now show detailed information about individual test duration data in their result reports. Extensive data renovation has been done so that there is a new option available for entering test data functions, meaning mathematical and date functions available out of the box.

GUIdancer also comes with a new web dashboard, thanks to the power of RAP, so that test results can be analysed in the browser – ideal if you’re away from the desktop for any period of time. GUIdancer users will also be able to create entries in bug tracking systems as well.

Other new things with Jubula and GUIdancer include a new metrics framework to allow users to show project data in a variety of ways, such as counting various things (Test Cases, Event Handlers, Test Steps etc) in the project, calculating the ratios of specific actions or show any redundant hierarchies.

The new version of GUIdancer is available from the GUIdancer shop. Jubula can be downloaded from the Eclipse Project Page. Everything is coming together for Juno, from all comers.

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