JSFUnit 1.2.0 is Final


JBoss have released JSFUnit 1.2.0. Final. JSFUnit is a test framework for JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications, designed to offer complete integration testing and unit testing of JSF applications. It runs inside the container, thus providing full access to managed beans, FacesContext, EL Expressions, and the internal JSF component tree.

In JSFUnit 1.2.0 the RichFacesClient has new methods for working with RichTree components. In addition, developers using a Servlet 3.0 container, such as JBoss AS6, are now no longer required to change their web.xml. The required servlets and filters will be added at deploy time. Another new feature for JSFUnit 1.2.0 Final, is a browser-based console for launching your tests. There are also a number of bug fixes in HtmlUnit for RichFaces.

Full Release Notes can be found at the JSFUnit blog.

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