Joining Java's Hall of Fame

JRuby’s Charlie Nutter becomes Java Champion

Chris Mayer

The JRuby and JVM guy joins illustrious company after being crowned a Java champion.

Charlie Nutter, one of the leads behind the JVM implementation JRuby, has been made the newest Java Champion.

Last year’s JAX Innovation Special Jury Award winner was given the honour at the recent JFokus conference, but Oracle officially acknowledged it only yesterday. Nutter is described by Java Developer Community Lead, Tori Wieldt, as “the main force (along with Thomas Enebo) behind JRuby”.

The bridge-building implementation that has gone from strength to strength since its creation in 2001, outperforming Ruby itself in certain benchmark tests. In 2009, the JRuby core development team left Sun Microsystems to join Red Hat, before Nutter and Enebo left last year to join Red Hat.

Nutter isn’t just known as the JRuby guy, but the JVM guy also. Since the beginning of his involvement, Nutter and his dedicated team have always wanted their implementation as a first class citizen on the JVM. Nutter had a pivotal role in getting the invokedynamic functionality into Java 7, which adds extra support to dynamic languages on the JVM. Invokedynamic’s arrival gave parity to the platform, allowing other JVM languages to thrive. Nutter explains the importance of invokedynamic at JAXconf 2012 and how it’s shaking up the JVM.


“He continues to work on the JVM for other languages today, regularly contributing to the hotspot mailing lists and JVM Language summit etc,” explains Wieldt.

Java Champions are recognised passionate Java technology and community leaders who are nominated by the wider community. There are currently around 130 Java Champions, reading like a Java ‘Hall of Fame’ and Nutter deserves to be amongst them for his work in bringing two language communities together.

Congratulations Charlie!

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