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JRuby in the Cloud: Engine Yard Add JRuby Support

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, updates for Google’s Core Libraries for Java.

JRuby in the Cloud!

JRuby and Trinidad are now generally available on the Engine Yard Cloud PaaS!

“For the last two years, Engine Yard has been funding the development of JRuby and we are excited to provide fully supported JRuby for your application development. This is a major milestone for the JRuby project,” reads the announcement at the Engine Yard.

Lead JRuby developer Charles Nutter has also posted about this new support, calling it a “milestone for the wider Ruby world.”

“It’s obviously the first cloud to officially support JRuby, but it’s also the first cloud with a concurrency-capable Ruby and the first cloud supporting an alternative Ruby implementation. You get the best cloud with the best support story and one of the best Ruby implementations on one of the best VMs in the world. What’s not to love?”

The Engine Yard Cloud offers automated load balancing, persistent storage, web-based gem installs, system diagnostics and data backup/restore. A free trial is available from the Engine Yard website, which includes the JRuby and Trinidad support.


Maintenance Release for Scala 2.8.x

A new maintenance release for Scala’s 2.8.x series has been announced. Scala 2.8.2 final adds compatibility with the new presentation compiler, which is now required for Scala IDE for Eclipse users. There are also fixes for enumeration generating runtime exceptions, and an issue with scalac allowing protected member with weaker privileges to be overrode. A full list of the bugs fixed, is available at the release announcement.


Build Spring-Powered Apps with Spring GemFire 1.1.0 M3

The third milestone of Spring GemFire 1.1.0, has been released. This milestone improves the region creation and adds dedicated support for indecies. Spring GemFire aims to facilitate building Spring-powered apps using GemFire as a distributed management platform.


IcedTea-Web Maintenance Releases Fix Web Start Bugs

Two new versions of IcedTea-Web have been announced, version 1.0.5 and version 1.1.3. These maintenance releases include fixes for the Elluminate Web Start application. Previously, IcedTea-Web was failing to work if the Elluminate web start app jar had a Class-Path element in the manifest, and Signed applets and Web Start apps did not work with OpenJDK7 and upwards.


Updates for Google’s Core Libraries for Java

The Guava Google Core Libraries for Java, have reached version 10.0. This release introduces two new packages; the caching utilities package ‘common.cache’ and common.eventbus, which allows publish-subscribe-style communication between components, without requiring the components to explicitly register with each other. It also features new classes, including DiscreteDomain, Ranges, and BoundType.

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