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JRebel Announce Free JRebel Social Product

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, SpringSource founder joins Neo Technology board.

JAX Awards Winners Announce Free JRebel Social Product

JRebel, winner of the Most Innovative Java Technology at the JAX Awards 2011, have announced the release of JRebel 4.5 and ‘JRebel Social,’ which is free to use for non-commercial development. JRebel Social requires developers to login into their Twitter or Facebook account, and pick up online or offline license keys, once per month. JRebel 4.5 is also required to use JRebel Social.

JRebel 4.5 adds support for Java 7 and JBoss AS7, alongside support for Spring Web Services, Managed Beans, JSF components and Oracle ADF lifecycle. It comes with an embedded JRebel for IntelliJ IDEA plugin, and @Value annotated properties has been improved in the Spring plugin.


Tycho 0.13.0 Overhauls Target Platform

A new release of the Tycho set of Maven plugins and extensions, has been released. Tycho 0.13.0 separates the target platform computation and dependency resolution, resulting in new behaviour. The concept of an “implicit target platform” has been removed, and the content of the p2 repository has been added to the target platform, for p2 repositories that are specified in the POM as having the layout=p2. In addition, only the resolved content of the target definition is now added to the target platform for target definition files, and the OSGi runtimes for tests no longer contain the full target platform, but only the dependencies of the test bundle. More information, is available at the Release Notes.


MaintainJ 3.2 Released

Version 3.2 of the MaintainJ tool for reverse engineering, is now available. MaintainJ generates the runtime sequence diagrams for a user case, which can then be used to debug and document Java applications. Information captured includes data at each method call, the response time of each call, and any SQL calls to the database. MaintainJ 3.2 adds the ability to capture the runtime SQL statements going to a database with parameters populated, no matter what JDBC framework is used. Support for multiple-JVM applications has been added, and JCP calls in a use case are now displayed in the sequence diagram. Furthermore, if one JSP includes multiple JSPs, the runtime calls to the inner JSPs are also displayed. MaintainJ can be downloaded either from the MaintainJ website, or the Eclipse Marketplace.


SpringSource Founder Joins Neo Technology Board

Neo Technology have announced that they have raised $10.6 million in Series A venture capital funding. This investment will be used in the areas of product development, and to “further deliver on its vision for driving NOSQL into the enterprise.” The founder and former CEO of SpringSource, Rod Johnson, has also joined the company’s board, and will become board Chairman.

“Spring framework made it easy for developers to create business applications–simplifying application code while scaling to enterprise complexity. Neo4j strikes the same balance of simplifying the management of interconnected data, while scaling to extreme complexity. The NOSQL space is extremely important, and I am excited about being involved in Neo, which offers compelling advantages as the market matures,” said Rod Johnson.

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