Rebel, rebel

JRebel 5.6.1 release arrives with updates aplenty

Coman Hamilton

Zeroturnaround’s latest update to its redeployment-avoiding flagship tool brings plenty of fun for Java devs

Redeployment haters have grounds for minor rejoicings today. The Java productivity tool JRebel (J stands for Java, innit?) has launched its latest version.

Along with bug fixes and improvements for JBoss 7 and WildFly users, latest version comes with a workaround for JDK verifier update, not to mention several plugins updates for the most recent version of frameworks like Spring Beans and JAXWS-Spring.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, the latest version of JRebel agent also brings updated IDE plugins for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans. Still not enough? OK, tough crowd.

At a cost of $1 a day (or $365 a year), the Zeroturnaround flagship is a favourite among ‘hip’ companies like HBO and Apple (and also some less sexy ones like Oracle and Deloitte). Part of a rebel alliance of Java tools, the Estonian startup also makes LiveRebel for automated application releases and, more recently, XRebel for continuous web testing.

A rebel with a cause

If you’ve not already been won over to the Zerturnaround rebellion (which now numbers 3,500 enterprises), one of the main advantages of JRebel is that this productivity tool lets them watch their application change as they code. That means there’s no need to re-compile every time you need to correct a typo. In other words, this tool gives you the chance to laugh condescendingly at pathetic teammates that still wait for their code to compile.

On the other hand, what excuse will you use the next team leader catches you playing Candy Crush?

“Oh, erm. My code’s compiling.”

“No it’s not. You’ve got JRebel!”
Coman Hamilton
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