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Joseph Darcy Steps Down as OpenJDK 6 Leader

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, providers of analytic technologies and services Teradata acquire Aster Data Systems.

Apache Commons Release Math Library 2.2

The Apache Commons team have announced version 2.2 of the Commons Math library. Commons Math consists of self-contained mathematics and statistics components that aim to address common problems not available in either the Java programming language or Commons Lang. Version 2.2 can be downloaded now from the Apache Commons website. Please note that this release contains some minor API compatibility breaks with version 2.1.

Teradata Acquire Aster Data Systems

Providers of analytic technologies and services Teradata Corporation have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Aster Data Systems, whose product line includes the nCluster analytics platform. Teradata Corporation will acquire Aster Data’s intellectual property and technology product line, and plans to support Aster Data’s customers and integrate the company’s employees.

“We are excited about the big data analytics market opportunity that Aster Data brings to Teradata. This, coupled with our recent Integrated Marketing Management acquisition with Aprimo, and our increased investments into our core data warehouse business – provide three best-in-class platforms to fuel future growth for Teradata,” said president and chief executive officer of Teradata Corporation, Mike Koehler.

The acquisition is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2011.

UK Government To Get More Agile?

Ian Watmore, chief operating officer of the UK Cabinet Office’s Efficiency and Reform Group, has said that the government needs to leverage more agile methodologies in its IT projects. Speaking at the launch event for the System Error: Fixing the Flaws in Government IT report, he advised the government not to replace all of its existing legacy systems and instead focus on adopting a more agile approach.

Joseph Darcy Says Goodbye to OpenJDK 6

Joseph Darcy has revealed that he is stepping down from the leadership role of OpenJDK 6, and will pass release management repositories for OpenJDK 6 to long-time contributor Kelly O’Hair. Joseph Darcy writes that he wishes to spend more time on projects besides OpenJDK 6.

“While I have some sadness in relinquishing leadership of the project, I’m happy to be leaving OpenJDK 6 release management in Kelly’s capable hands.”

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