Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition

Jitterbit Take Their Jitterbit Enterprise to the Cloud

Jessica Thornsby

Jitterbit announce a cloud-based data integration environment based on their Enterprise product.

Jitterbit have launched Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition, taking their Jitterbit Enterprise product to the cloud. This product runs on the Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) infrastructure.

Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition provides a single cloud-based data integration environment for transforming and transporting data between systems in batch or real time. It is suitable for integrating data across sources in EC2, and integrating data across Software as a Service applications. There are no restrictions to moving metadata between an on-premise Jitterbit and Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition.

Interested parties can sign up for a 30 day free trial now. Prices start at at $799 per month for unlimited connections and users.


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