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JIDE 3.2.0 Released With JDK7 Support

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, OpenGamma 0.9.0 and JBoss Tools 3.2.1 adds m2eclipse 1.0.0 support.

JIDE 3.2.0 With JDK7 Support

Version 3.2.0 of the JIDE Swing component, is now available. This release introduces a new line wrapping feature for the StyledLabel component so now, when calling setLineWrap(true), the styled label will automatically wrap, without the need to add line breaks to the text. MarkerArea and MarginArea have been added to CodeEditor: a MarkerArea can be placed next to a vertical scroll bar, where it displays an overview of errors in a large component; and a MarginArea is also placed next to a component that has a vertical scroll bar, but it can scroll with the content in the viewport. TableDiffPane supports the diff of two tables, and 3.2.0 is the first release of JIDE officially supporting JDK7. JIDE have now stopped supporting JDK5, although the release “should” still run on JDK5.

A free license is available for open source projects.


Bug Fixes for MigLayout 4.0

MigLayout has reached version 4.0. With this release, the code base has been updated to for-each loops and no explicit value unboxing or boxing. There are also bug fixes, including a fix for a Negative Array Exception that could happen in rare circumstances, and a bug where some layout changes didn’t re-layout the container. This release requires at least Java 5 to run.

MigLayout is a SWT/Swing/JavaFX layout manager, and the layout engine is written in pure Java, with no dependencies on any other specific UI toolkit, including Swing.


Android Configurator for M2E Brings Maven Support to ADT

A beta of Android Configurator for M2E 0.3.0 has been released. This Maven Integration for Eclipse plugin adds Maven support to Android Developer Tools, and the Maven Android Plugin. This beta introduces an incremental builder, that should improve build performance.

“Your Android builds will be faster as they no longer run a Maven shell and only rebuilds when relevant files have been modified,” promises the release announcement.

It can be downloaded from GitHub.


JBoss Tools 3.2.1 Adds m2eclipse 1.0.0 Support

JBoss Tools 3.2.1 is now available. This release moves the JBoss Maven integration from m2eclipse version 0.12 to support m2eclipse 1.0.0. However, this does mean that if you used the JBoss Tools Maven integration, you must uninstall the integration and m2eclipse 0.12, before being able to upgrade to JBoss Tools 3.2.1. Users must also have m2eclipse 0.12 installed before they upgrade.


OpenGamma 0.9.0 Released with Updated Web UI

Version 0.9.0 of the OpenGamma platform, has been announced. Version 0.9.0 has been released instead of the planned 0.8.1 release, which would have included fake data for evaluation purposes. Version 0.9.0 features end-to-end support for some new asset classes, including Futures, Future Options, Interest Rate Swaptions, and Vanilla and Single Barrier options. Market Data Snapshots are also supported end-to-end, allowing the use of live market data or calibrated snapshots, in various contexts. The web UI has been enhanced, and users can now graphically edit Yield Curve Definitions and View Definitions.

Version 0.9.0 can be downloaded now.


Bug Fixes for Scala 2.9.1 RC3

The third release candidate of Scala 2.9.1 is available. This is a maintenance release that fixes a string of bugs, including assertion errors, problems with the typechecker, and an unnecessary structural type in collection.Iterator’s implementation.

Scala 2.9.1 RC3 is intended to be fully binary compatible with the existing version

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