Name-Change to Go Ahead

Jenkins Project Gets Green Light From Community

Jessica Thornsby

The Hudson project will be renamed to Jenkins, following 214 ‘yes’ votes from the community.

The results are in, and the Jenkins rename/fork will go ahead! More than half of the total votes were cast by ineligible voters, but of the total eligible votes 214 were in favour of a rename, and 14 opted to keep the status quo.

In his announcement, Andrew Bayer reveals that the Jenkins team have already registered, and in the coming days the Google Groups, Twitter account and Github will all be renamed. Bayer stated that the initial interim governance board will consist of creator Kohsuke, Bayer and if “Oracle are willing” Winston. However, Oracle have since declined their seat, and the position will be filled by Yahoo’s Dean Yu, a “longtime Hudson contributor and major user.” Bayer states that discussions regarding infrastructure changes will be public, and that work is currently underway to migrate the JIRA and wiki contents over to the Jenkins website.

And he has some positive words for the community: “I want to personally thank everyone for voting, and especially thank everyone who voted for renaming for supporting the Jenkins project and its future. Jenkins is not Oracle’s project, nor CloudBee’s project, nor my project, nor Kohsuke’s project – it’s the community’s project, and it’s going to thrive.”

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