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Jenkins requires Java 8 as there are some known compatibility issues with higher Java versions. However, the time has come to do some serious Java 10 investigation and have some fun while at it! Why not participate in the Jenkins & Java 10 online hackathon?

By some estimates, 98% of production Java code is based on Java 8 or earlier. Communities have been taking a pragmatic approach when it comes to getting onboard with the ongoing changes in Java.

Jenkins, the leading open source automation server, requires Java 8 to run. The time has come to do some serious Java 10 investigation and have some fun while at it!

Everybody is invited to join the  “Jenkins & Java 10 Online Hackathon” and here’s what you need to know.

What is it?

A hackathon to work together on Jenkins core and plugins in order to find and fix compatibility issues, share experiences and have some fun

When is it?

The hackathon will take place from June 18th to 22nd.

Where is it?

It’s an online hackathon so you can join from wherever you are in one of these ways:

There will also be live on-air meetings with special guests, stay on one of the above channels to learn more.

Who can join?

Everybody is welcome to join, independently of their Jenkins experience and amount of time they have available. There will be folks on hand to help get you started.

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Why should I join?

It will be a great opportunity if you want to:

  • Learn more about Java 10
  • Upgrade Jenkins plugins
  • Work on core Jenkins or features like Pipeline
  • Work closely with experts in the Jenkins and Java communities

Oh and there will also be some Jenkins swag, especially if you submit a pull request or two!

I’m in, what should I do next?

You can sign up here Then check out details here and find a channel to keep up to date with what’s happening.

I can’t wait to get started, what can I do?

Why not have a go at running Jenkins with Java 10 or 11 or have a look through the open issues to see what might be of interest.

Does this mean Jenkins will run on Java 10 soon?

The goal is to explore Java 10  so it all depends on what the investigation highlights. How much we achieve will come down to all those who join – the community is the capacity – so we would love if you could all join in!


Tracy Miranda

Tracy Miranda is a developer, open source evangelist and veteran of the Eclipse community. She works as Director of Open Source Community for CloudBees, the DevOps company. Tracy has a background in electronics system design, including patents for her work on processor architectures. Tracy blogs on tech careers, open source & diversity at

Follow her on Twitter @tracymiranda

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