Same source Jenkins code but added benefits

Jenkins Enterprise launched by Cloudbees

Chris Mayer

The PaaS provider reveals enterprise support for Jenkins CI server

After seeing the usage of the continuous integration server flourish in enterprise, PaaS leader CloudBees has announced the availability of Jenkins Enterprise for CloudBees, aiming to tackle the challenges that users and adminstrators face managing various environments.

Enterprise for Cloudbees promises to increase productivity, lower risk and streamline application development with a fully supported implementation of Jenkins CI by providing formal technical support for the Jenkins community and additional plugins to address the needs of sophisicated Jenkins environments

These plugins fall into three categories

It is based on the same open source Jenkins code available from the Jenkins community; specifically the Jenkins Long Term Support (LTS) release line. Each LTS version is supported by the Jenkins community for three months. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees support adds another nine months, providing up to 12 months of comprehensive support for each LTS version.

Steven G. Harris, senior vice president of products at CloudBees spoke about the announcement and the reasons for creating Jenkins support for their cloud platform:

Continuous integration is fundamental to developing and deploying high quality applications. Enterprises increasingly depend on Jenkins to help them deliver better applications more quickly. In fact, our most recent survey of Jenkins users found that more than 80% of them consider Jenkins to be mission-critical to their business


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