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Jenkins CI and JFrog unite for cloud artifact repository solution

Chris Mayer

The CI server and binary repository join forces to launch a solution for the Jenkins community

It’s always good to see vibrant open source projects joining together in the hope of pushing their respective products further, even to just learn a few things. Revealing details at the Jenkins User Conference yesterday in Paris, the CI server and the artifact repository specialist, JFrog will join together to create an advanced solution purely for the Jenkins community.

The two parties announced the collaborative project, the Jenkins CI Artifactory-Online repository service yesterday, as well as showing a demo. This exciting news will see JFrog develop a dedicated Artifactory Online instance of their SaaS/cloud-based repository service that runs on Amazon EC2, specifically tailored for those working with the CI server.

The service isn’t a half-baked effort either, with JFrog supplying the enterprise class features you’d see within the normal commercial version. This includes hosting and delivering releases, snapshots and plugins plus additional resources. With around 400 developers of Jenkins plugins now relying on Artifactory for their plugin development, this move was long overdue some would say, and the joint project will aid things for both parties.

Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO of JFrog was excited at the possibilities, saying:

We have been collaborating with Kohsuke and the CloudBees team for the last few years.

We supported the Jenkins project from the early days of the Hudson fork, and insisted on providing users with the freedom to choose their tool stack and avoid vendor lock-in. Artifactory in the Cloud already serves the leading OSS communities, such as SpringSourceGrailsGradle, Scala and more. We are honored to bring the Jenkins CI community on board.

Founder of Jenkins CI, Kohsuke Kawaguchi added:

Being able to host artifacts in a well-managed service like Artifactory Online has been a great help to the project. I’m grateful to JFrog for their generous support to the Jenkins project.

Both teams are excited at the possibilities and are setting a good example to other open source projects looking to make the next step. Both have set standards in their respected fields and the unity shown can definitely push them further. We hope this partnership continues for the long-run.

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