TomEE to the cloud!

Jelastic integrate Apache TomEE into their Java PaaS

Chris Mayer

Finally a cloud platform home for the Java EE 6 Web Profile certified project. Jelastic swoop in to help.

Apache TomEE, the lightweight Java EE version of Tomcat, has found a cloud platform home, with the news that Jelastic will offer the enterprise-ready server as part of their public PaaS.

The Apache application server has garnered acclaim in the past few years for rethinking the Tomcat experience. TomEE puts together a number of Java enterprise projects, including Apache OpenEJB, Apache OpenWebBeans and Apache MyFaces, without bloating the architecture and slowing an application down to near standstill. The arrival of TomEE completes the set of major servers offered by Jelastic, with Jetty, Glassfish, Apache, NGINX and regular Tomcat already supported.

Adding the Java EE 6 Web Profile certified project was “among the top requests from the community” according to Dmitry Sotnikov, Jelastic’s Chief Operating Officer.

“TomEE is a natural fit for any cloud platform that offers Tomcat, as it offers Java EE compliance, but with the footprint and startup time of Tomcat,” explains Sotnikov, before adding that it is “a perfect choice for cloud hosting.”

David Blevins, founder of TomEE, says Jelastic’s integration of the project is the best he’s seen and their support shows “real vision”.

“They have put a significant amount of time into offering TomEE users the best experience possible. It’s very tightly integrated with the functionality of all the other layers of their stack including load-balancing, replication, persistence to SQL or NoSQL databases and more.”

Jelastic seems like an ideal place to offer TomEE, with both holding similar Java values. It’ll be interesting to see if any other cloud platform follow suit, realising the benefits that the speedy TomEE project holds for Java enterprise developers.

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