Interview with Jeff Sussna

“Devs and Ops should think about each other as customers” | DevOpsCon

JAX Editorial Team
Jeff Sussna

“Every business is becoming a digital business and IT is becoming really central to how companies run their entire business and how they interact with customers.” JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Jeff Sussna, founder and principal of Ingineering.IT and DevOpsCon speaker, about what it takes to succeed in the digital service economy.

Jeff Sussna is an internationally recognized IT consultant and systems/design thinking practitioner. He has nearly thirty years of experience across the development/QA/operations spectrum, and has led projects for Fortune 500 enterprises, major technology companies, software service startups, and media conglomerates. Jeff’s firm, Ingineering.IT, helps digital businesses design service-centered digital delivery organizations. Jeff is the the author of „Designing Delivery: Rethinking IT In the Digital Service Economy“, and is a highly respected teacher, writer, and speaker on topics such as DevOps and Design Thinking.