JDT To Improve Support For Java-Like Languages?

Jessica Thornsby

The JDT team propose to improve support for JVM-based languages in the e4 incubator.

Olivier Thomann from the JDT team has suggested that JDT should implement improved support for Java-like languages. He proposes this should take place in the e4 incubator.

This proposal is already gathering support in the Eclipse community, with Lars Vogel calling it “a mayor step for the Eclipse IDE” and implying that it could be the next “killer feature” in e4. He pinpoints the Scala IDE and the Groovy support as areas in need of improvement.

The support for Java-like languages in Eclipse is, in Vogel’s own words, “not best in class,” and a bug calling for better support for Java-like source files, was posted way back in 2003.

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