On the Road to JDK 7

JDK 7 Is Feature Complete

Jessica Thornsby

Mark Reinhold announces that JDK 7 is now feature complete.

Mark Reinhold has announced that the JDK 7 project is now feature complete. Originally this milestone was intended to be reached on 16th December, in build 122. Reinhold reveals the milestone was actually reached the following week, with build 123, but verifying that the work was truly complete was delayed by the festive season. However, he admits there are some exceptions: the ‘Update the XML Stack’ and the ‘Enhanced JMX Agent and MBeans’ features are not yet finished, but post-FC integration has been approved, and the late integration of these features is not expected to affect the overall JDK 7 schedule. Meanwhile, VM, language and library features governed by JSRs 203, 292, 334 or 336 have been implemented according to the JSRs current status, and the implementations will be updated as these specs evolve. The release schedule may be adjusted pending JSR changes that cannot be implemented on time.

Moving forward, the JDK 7 team will focus on bug fixes and following the progress of the in-process JSRs. The developer preview release of JDK 7 is expected in mid-February.

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