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Java 10: These APIs are as good as gone

Gabriela Motroc
Java 10

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise since some APIs have been deprecated for ages and have been superseded by newer APIs. While some APIs are as good as gone, others are eligible for removal in a future release but they haven’t been removed from this Specification.

According to the Java 10 Specification draft, a few changes have been made since the Public Review, mostly related to APIs.

APIs removed from Java 10

Following the conventions established by the Enhanced Deprecation feature, various APIs were annotated with forRemoval=true in the Java SE 9 Platform Specification (JSR 379), “APIs Proposed for Removal”, indicating that they were eligible for removal in a future release.

These APIs have been deprecated since at least Java SE 1.2 and have been superseded by newer APIs. Therefore, they are removed from this Specification.



Dead APIs walking: Eligible for removal in a future release

These modules were proposed for removal by the Java SE 9 Platform Specification, “APIs Proposed for Removal”. Even though they are not removed from this Specification, they are eligible for removal in a future release.

You can find out more about the modules mentioned above and their APIs in JEP 320. Since standalone versions of the APIs and their implementations are now available, you are advised to migrate to standalone versions right now.

Speaking of Java EE modules, they have been annotated as deprecated for removal in Java 9, which already indicated the intent to remove them in a future release [That “future release” could be Java 11]. Read more about the removal of Java EE modules here

These APIs are (still) eligible for removal in a future release.



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Last but not least, these APIs are annotated as @Deprecated with forRemoval=truein the current Specification. Therefore, they are eligible for removal in a future release of the Platform.







Read more about deprecations in the Deprecated API list of the API Specification

While you’re at it, make sure to read Dustin Marx’s blog post in which he looks at some of the APIs that appear likely to be removed in JDK 10 and others that have been proposed to be deprecated in JDK 10.

Gabriela Motroc
Gabriela Motroc was editor of and JAX Magazine. Before working at Software & Support Media Group, she studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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3 years ago

So… what’s the replacement? The docs are actually pretty terrible.

For example, “” says, “It has been replaced by and related classes since 1.2.” But a Policy is a collection of Permission, not a collection of users, and I don’t see any class around Policy which looks like it represents a group.