JCP Elections

JCP Nominee Bob Lee ‘we can’t let one JSR grind the JCP to a halt.’

Jessica Thornsby

Individual nominee Bob Lee plans to introduce abbreviated process for JSRs deemed ‘open.’

Bob Lee has posted his thoughts on the JCP elections, for which he is currently nominated as an independent member. Following the resignation of Doug Lea and Oracle’s controversial proposal to replace him with Hologic Inc, Bob stresses that individual representation on the JCP is more important than ever, saying “please vote for me and hold the ground for non-corporate interests.” Individuals account for around 13% of the SE/EE EC.

Bob Lee takes a pragmatic approach to Apache being denied a JSR, and IBM switching sides to help Oracle with OpenJDK, stating that the JCP is more important that a JSR: “‘ll do everything I can to ensure an open future for Java, but we can’t let one JSR grind the JCP to a halt. Life must go on.” He also plans to introduce an abbreviated process for JSRs that meet the criteria for openness, in an effort to motivate more open JSRs.

Voting is now open.

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