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JCP election results: LJC and CloudBees win seats on EC


London Java Community are re-elected, while PaaS provider CloudBees picks up the second open seat.

The results are in for the JCP 2012 elections, and the winners are… the London Java Community and PaaS providers CloudBees.

After a whirlwind year of awards and the takeoff of their Adopt-A-JSR movement, it’s no surprise to see the LJC re-elected. Even MoroccoJUG, another community group running for election, told JAXenter that seeing the LJC win was most important, “since they have done a great job and they deserve to continue their efforts and good presentation of JUGs”.

CloudBees, meanwhile, tweeted in celebration:

All four ratified candidates – Cinterion Wireless Modules, Credit Suisse, Fujitsu and HP – were accepted onto the board, all receiving at least 76% ‘yes’ votes.

As members of the JCP Executive Committee, these organisations – represented by selected individuals – are in charge of overseeing the development of Java, voting on technical specifications (JSRs), approving Draft Reviews and giving final approval to Reference Implementations. The Executive Committee is intended to represent a broad cross-section of the Java community

A full breakdown reveals that the LJC won a whopping 33% of votes, while CloudBees picked up 20%. With only two seats open, ZeroTurnaround (who, with 13%, came third) and the other six candidates were left in the cold.

In terms of turnout, 23.70% of eligible JCP members participated in the election, almost identical to last year’s 23%, and still up from 2010’s 18%.


Candidate Yes Votes (%) No Votes (%) Abstentions
Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH 156 (76) 48 (24) 64
Credit Suisse 205 (85) 35 (15) 28
Fujitsu Limited 195 (85) 35 (15) 38
Hewlett-Packard 182 (81) 44 (19) 42
Candidate Votes (%)
Cisco Systems 37 (7)
CloudBees 101 (20)
Giuseppe Dell’Abate 6 (1)
Liferay, Inc. 35 (7)
London Java Community 164 (33)
MoroccoJUG 46 (9)
North Sixty-One Ltd 26 (5)
Software AG 19 (4)
ZeroTurnaround 64 (13)
None of the above 5 (1)


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