Four Seats Available on JCP

JCP EC Special Elections 2011 Candidates Announced

Jessica Thornsby

Java Community Process Program Executive Committee Special election candidates announced.

The candidates for the 2011 Java Community Process Program Executive Committee Special elections have been announced! The available seats on the SE/EE EC are those vacated by Apache, Doug Lea and Tim Peierls, and Sony-Ericsson on the ME EC.

The Committee Ratified Seat candidates are:

  • Financial services firm, Goldman Sachs.
  • CTO of the Operations Technology Business Unit at Goldman Sachs, John Weir.
  • The ‘SouJava’ Brazilian Java User Group.
  • Java Developer and Open Source Evangelist, and founder of SouJava, Bruno Souza.

The 2011 ME Executive Committee Open Elections Seat candidate is:

  • Alex Terrazas, who has used Java ME to develop software for special education and health applications. He has previously received funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and DARPA.

The 2011 SE/EE Executive Committee Open Election Seat candidates are:

  • Central Ohio Java Users Group.
  • Vice President with JPMorganChase’s Corporate Technology group, Dan Sline.
  • Seam 3 JCR Module and Apache ServiceMix committer, George Gastaldi.
  • Siddique Hameed, creator of JgoogleAnalytics, Script Monkey and Library Finder.
  • Liferay, creators of the open source Liferay portal.
  • Brian Chan, Chief Software Architect and founder of Liferay.
  • London Java Community
  • Ben Evans, who works as an in-house Java expert at a financial service institution.

The elections will run from 26th April 2011 through 9th May 2011.

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