OSGi Alliance To Assume JCP Role?

JCP Dead, Is It All Up To The OSGi Alliance?

Jessica Thornsby

Peter Kriens renews his argument that the OSGi Alliance should step into the JCP’s shoes.

Peter Kriens has written about his conflicting reactions to the news that Apache have left the JCP. “It is a mess because I do not want to choose,” he says. He likes the credence the big corporations bring to the Java platform, and the resources they make available, but he dislikes the politics that come with corporate involvement. He recognises the diversity and innovation Apache and other open source foundations bring to Java, but dislikes their idealism. He doesn’t envision this situation rectifying itself over night: “It is sad to see how a closed eco-system like Apple’s iPhone and iPad is thriving and how we are going to waste a lot of energy in the next years because we direct that energy on destroying and not creation.” Peter Kriens does have one suggestion, though: let the OSGi Alliance take over the role of standardisation. He presents the OSGi as an independent organisation, where corporate companies and the open source community could meet, without any party receiving special treatment.

This isn’t the first time Peter Kriens has made this proposal. In October, he blogged that the OSGi Alliance should assume the JCP’s role. He cited the pledge taken by the OSGi Alliance in 2006, promising royalty-free access to “necessary” patents, and a standardised process, as reasons why the OSGi Alliance should step in.

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