Java SE 7 Passes Final Approval Ballots

JCP Approve Java SE 7 and Accompanying JSRs

Jessica Thornsby

The JCP SE/EE Executive Committee give JSRs green light.

The JCP SE/EE Executive Committee have approved the Final Approval Ballots for Java SE 7 and its constitute JSRs, meaning that the following JSRs have been approved:

  • JSR 203 – More New I/O APIs for the Java Platform.
  • JSR 292 – Support for Dynamically Typed Languages
  • JSR 334 – Project Coin
  • JSR 336 – the umbrella JSR for the platform itself

The Final Approval ballot passed with 15 yes votes, to 1 no vote, from Google. The other JSRs (NIO2, InvokeDynamic and Project Coin) all got a ‘yes’ from all participants.

When casting their ‘yes’ vote for JSR 334, Google took the opportunity to post some positive remarks about this JSR:

“Google is very pleased with the way this JSR was run, and with its results. They exemplify the sort of evolutionary changes that are appropriate for a mature language such as Java: they will make programmers’ lives easier and improve the quality of their programs without incurring undue risk to the language.”

However, despite voting in favour of the JSR, IBM and Red Hat once again raised the question of licensing terms, although they measured this with the statement that “this comment is not necessarily directed at the current business or license terms for this JSR, however, it is a statement of” their “preferred licensing model.”

Oracle are currently testing the final release candidate, aka build 147. If no major bugs are discovered, then this will be declared the GA build on 28th July, in keeping with the schedule posted in January. Oracle’s commercial binaries will also be published on that day. For more information on Java 7, the ‘Introducing Java 7’ webcasts are available at the Oracle website.

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