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JBoss Tools and Developer Studio gets first candidate Release

Chris Mayer

With a final release set for the end of June, a sneak peek at JBoss Tools and Developer Studio is now available through a release candidate

Development behind JBoss’s set of Eclipse plugins and dedicated distribution looks to be entering the final straight with a Candidate Release for both JBoss Tools 3.3 and JBoss Developer Studio 5.

Throughout 2012, we’ve seen numerous milestones and betas shore up from the team, revealing some interesting new tie-ins to related JBoss technologies such as OpenShift, Forge and Seam. Max Rydahl Andersen, who has been heavily involved in overseeing the dovetailing projects’ development, revealed that the majority of changes for this release candidate centred around bugfixes, but with some neat little additions for AS 7, OpenShift and Maven.

Red Hat’s scalable PaaS, OpenShift recieves the most attention (probably due to its rapidly advancing structure) and both Tools and Studio now link up to OpenShift faster. It’s also more patient with an extended timeout period to three minutes to accomodate for overloads and network latency. The application creation wizard has a new feature which makes it possible to set the size of the Gear your application will run on, to enable scaling for your applications. This all depends on user permissions, of course.

For those with large applications, OpenShift metadata loading is infinitely more responsive, making even those networks away from OpenShift servers able to act with fast feedback.

JBoss AS 7 can handle remote management and JMX connections a lot better now, whilst there’s an added Maven configurator which will look for the common tricks to set and configure endorsed libraries. When the tricks are found simply inject an “Endorsed Library” classpath container with the approprate classpath entries.

For all that is new, as JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio get ever closer to their final version, check the changelog. We can expect a GA release at the end of the month, when can finally get our hands on the proper version. All the hard work will surely pay off, with the JBoss Eclipse link looking harmonious. If you’re looking to do some DIY, get Tools, but if you want the whole shebang right from the bat, Developer Studio can be working straight from a click.

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