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JBoss Tools 4 Beta arrives – worth picking up?

Chris Mayer

Four months on from the last version, the team behind JBoss Tools and Developer Studio are set to build upon their work.

Since the last bumper release back in June, the team in charge of JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio have been hard at work plotting the changes for their set of Eclipse plugins.

JBoss Tools 3.3 and Developer Studio 5 were a big leap, providing a sleeker look and more cohesive experience, linking to other Red Hat/JBoss-flavoured projects such as OpenShift and Forge, with JBoss Central acting as the community hub for it all.

The most radical change, included this time round in this week’s beta, is the introduction of the ‘Bring Your Own Eclipse’ concept in JBoss Developer Studio, the full distribution. This allows you to install plugins provided and supported in JBoss Developer Studio in your own Eclipse installation, via Eclipse Marketplace. Project lead Max Rydahl Andersen informs us that this feature is still awaiting approval, but should it pass quality control, the boundaries of JBoss Developer Studio will be broken down.

Plenty of work has gone towards the OpenShift side of the project. JBoss Tools 4 appears to have refined SSH Key management, a common stumbling block for people wanting to test out the cloud platform. The beta has also made it possible to connect to multiple OpenShift servers.

Also included is JBoss Stacks, a new project (created alongside JBoss Developer Framework) aiming to make it easy to pick your stack of choice via a drag and drop functionality. From the outset, users can choose JBoss EAP 6 or JBoss AS 7.0 and 7.1

That’s just scratching the surface – check out all of what is New and Noteworthy through the beta blogpost. A note though, SOA tooling for a large number of projects (BPEL, Drools, Guvnor, jBPM, ESB, ModeShape, pi4soa, Savara, SwitchYard, Teeid) is no longer provided in JBoss Tools, and will arrive at a later date.

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