New and improved modules in first update of year

JBoss Seam Framework 3.1 Final arrives

Chris Mayer

The Java EE web framework gets a huge bundle of upgrades

Version 3.1 of JBoss’ open source Java EE web application development platform, Seam Framework has seen its final release – bringing with it a raft of new and renovated modules.

Seam integrates the best technologies, such as AJAX, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Java Persistence (JPA), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3.0) and Business Process Management (BPM) into a unified full-stack solution hence meeting enterprise needs from a bottom-up approach that eliminates architectural complexity often found in web frameworks.

Project lead Shane Bryzak details the changes since last April’s 3.0 release which include several improvements to existing modules such as the Solder module which now incorporates an exception handling framework (formerly Seam Catch), XML-based configuration (formerly Seam Config) and Servlet integration (formerly Seam Servlet).

Seam Transaction has broken away from the previous module Seam Persistance, boosted by the addition of transaction-related features for POJO-based Java beans.

Several new modules have been added for this release such as:

  • Seam Social - Integration for social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Seam Reports - New reporting engines generate feature reports
  • Seam JCR - Easy interaction with a Java Content Repository (such as Apache JackRabbit or Modeshape)
  • Seam Spring - The biggest draw for 3.1 comes in the form of this module, which allows full integration of Spring applications with CDI. This enables the cross pollination of Spring beans with CDI beans
  • Seam JMS - You can now inject JMS resources (Connections, Topics, Queues) directly into your beans. This in turn creates a two-way bridge between the JMS message bus and CDI, allowing safe passage of JMS events to the CDI bus
  • Seam Mail - Simplification of the communication with JavaMail

Alongside these brand spanking new features, there have been 249 fixes from developers. Extensive documentation has been provided so you can quickly get started with Seam. Get over to SourceForge now to download 3.1. For Maven Users, use the following to update:

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