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JBoss project Arquillian gets Android platform extension

Chris Mayer

The JBoss test platform has had a little green droid expansion. More details within.

JBoss’s powerful testing framework, Arquillian has extended its reach with the release of a new Android extension that brings Arquillian Drone WebDriver-based testing to Android devices.

Arquillian is a brilliant choice of name for the project. Named after the small alien species in Men In Black that operated in the mainframe of a human being suit (no seriously), Arquillian aims to offer a similar level of overall control, yet bringing an air of simplicity to integration testing with Java middleware. In basic terms, Arquillan handles all the hard work from managing the container lifecycle, deployment and framework initialisation so the developer can focus on real tests.

The Android platform is one area where things have been moving quickly to keep up with the current changes. The Android Arquillian 1.0.0.alpha extension enables the use of the Android SDK in Arquillian tests, making the user able to create new or reuse existing Android Virtual Devices, and importantly connecting to real devices. You can find all the relevant information on GitHub.

For those still to be initiated into the world of Arquillian’s capabilities, there’s some great source material available to you. Gérald Quintana’s article ‘Testing a JavaEE application with Arquillian‘ (in French), Dan Allen’s Arquillian: A Component Model for Integration Testing and Markus Eisele’s Integration Tests with Arquillian provide a good starting point to get started.

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