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JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.1 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Microsoft release new resources for Java developers.

Stack Overflow Becomes Stack Exchange

Stack Overflow has become Stack Exchange Inc, in an attempt to emphasise that they’re more than just a website for programmer questions. The company have also announced they’ve acquired two new investors: Index Ventures and Spark Capital.

JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.1 Released with Technology Previews

JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.1 is now available. JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is an ESB and business process automation infrastructure, and version 5.1 comes with new extensions for data services integration. It also includes the Apache CXF web services stack, JBoss Developer Studio version 4.0, which features updated SOA tooling for ESB and data virtualisation, and a technology preview of WS-BPEL. There is also a preview of the Apache Camel Gateway enterprise integration pattern framework, and updated certifications, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Windows 2008.

Microsoft’s New Resources for Java Developers

Microsoft have released a new portfolio of resources for Java developers looking to build Windows solutions based on .NET and C#. The learning resources include documents on Windows Azure, Windows Client Technologies and Visual CSharp Express.

Bug Fixes with Groovy 1.7.9 and Groovy 1.8 RC2

The Groovy team have announced two bug fix-orientated releases: Groovy 1.7.9 and the second release candidate for Groovy 1.8. Groovy 1.7.9 implements a way for direct method calls, and addresses problems with the handling of unicode escape sequences and the stub generator failing to escape strings with mixed single and double quotes. Groovy 1.8 RC2 now allows PrimaryClassNodeOperations to be added to CompilerConfiguration, alongside a string of additional bug fixes.

Mobile Tools for Java 1.1.2 Updates

Version 1.1.2 of Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) has been released as part of the second Eclipse Helios service release, with new wizards for exporting midlet packages and exporting buildfiles for consumption with the Buildfiles wizard. MTJ aims to extend existing Eclipse frameworks to support mobile device Java application development, and develop frameworks that can be extended by tool vendors, and tools for use by third-party developers.

New Alpha for ShrinkWrap 1.0.0

ShrinkWrap 1.0.0-alpha-12 has been released. This release adds support for loading artifacts from a Maven repository and support for Export/Import of TAR. The ShrinkWrapClassLoader has been refined and moved to API, and work has been done to address inconsistencies in the API. More information is available at the Release Notes.

The Shrinkwrap project provides an API for assemble archives like JARs, WARs, and EARs in Java.

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