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JBoss-Docker shipping continues with launch of microsite

JAXenter Editorial Team

More and more groups are pledging their love to Docker, from New Relic to Google. But does anyone love it as much as the JBoss crew?

More and more technologies are latching on to Linux container technology Docker. Although the open source project is scarcely more than a year old, for many, the first time user experience is love at first click. Particuarly smitten are the JBoss community  - who, in early June released a Docker image for the container technology, just ahead of its 1.0 release.

Since then, the repository of available Docker images for JBoss projects has only grown larger: in addition to WildFly, the community now also have KeyCloak, TorqueBoz, Immutant, LiveOak, and newcomer Aerogear. All have found their way to the new microsite, created specifically for Docker. And JBossers haven’t stinted on their praise for the technology, with site visitors welcomed with the quote,”The Docker project revolutionized our thinking about software delivery…”

All files are located on the corresponding GitHub pageThe repositories are also available at:

About Docker

Docker is an  open source project which  can be used to produce a lightweight, portable container for any applicationIn the  JAX Innovation Awards 2014 , the project took first prize in the category of “Most Innovative Open Technology”. In January 2014, the venture capital firm Greylock Partners boosted the Docker project with a cash injection totalling $15 million. The recent 1.1 release brought updates to the engine Docker, Docker stroke and documentation.

Rackspace, Baidu, Yandex, ebay, Spotify, opentable, cloudflare, Mailgun, relateiq, rethinkdb, Gilt, Yelp, and New Relic all feature in the elite echelons of Docker users. Google has also shown an interest in the technology, as  Wired reported in detail. According to Julien Barbier, Community Manager at Docker, Inc., around 95% of contributions to the project come from the rapidly expanding community around it

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