Fleury Sends Warning to Oracle

JBoss Creator Condemns Oracle Over Hudson Trademark Spat

Jessica Thornsby

JBoss creator makes it clear where he stands on the Hudson/Jenkins divide.

Creator of JBoss Marc Fleury has posted his thoughts on the latest in a string of controversies centred on Oracle. After Oracle blocked the Hudson community from migrating to GitHub, and following unsuccessful discussions between prominent Hudson community members and Oracle representatives, it was proposed that the Hudson community should fork/rename the project ‘Jenkins‘ in order to escape the restrictions of the Oracle-owned trademark.

“It seems Oracle has declared open season on Open Source java and is trying to bully its way,” Fleury says. Indeed, Oracle have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons since they acquired Sun, with a recent spat between Oracle and the community, which resulted in the creation of LibreOffice, and Apache’s departure from the JCP.

Fleury warns that since Hudson is licensed as open source and the majority of the work is done outside of the company, Oracle trying to stake a claim on the project is a dangerous move: “a community without its community of developers is an empty vessel, and Oracle is about to learn this lesson.”. He admits Sun was not without its problems, but it seems Oracle have decided “that all java assets were to be monetized and therefore there seems to be crackdown going on in the java open source community.” Oracle’s heavy-handed execution of this policy, coupled with their controversial talk of trademark and ownership of an open source project are, for Fleury, clear indications that Oracle have no plans to follow Sun’s “benevolent dictatorship” leadership style.

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