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JBoss AS 6 is Final and ZK SpreadSheet 2.0 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, IBM to patent the patent?

JBoss Release Angry Kitten

JBoss have announced the release of version 1.0.0Alpha1 of their project generation and enhancement ‘Forge’ tool. Forge is designed to speed up application development, and plugin and tool development. It offers shell-style interaction, single-command style interaction via native command line, and supports internationalisation and localisation. Maven artifact discovery and version selection are also supported. There is also potential to add a scaffolding framework, and a plugin or toolkit for Seam2 to Seam3 migration, in future releases of Forge. Those wishing to get involved in the project should visit the Forge homepage.

IBM To Patent The Patent?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office have published a patent application from IBM, in which they cover broad strategies on how to file and protect a patent, including “defending against infringements and invalidations of said IP rights based on said business strategies and monitoring market and competitor actions to develop risk management plans.” Wolfgang Gruener has read the patent and come to the conclusion that, essentially, IBM are attempting to patent the patent.

“So, this particular patent is, in fact, approved by the USPTO, and you file for a patent in the future, you may want to contact IBM, because you may infringe on at least one ingenious idea IBM laid out in its filing,” he warns.

One Year Later – Where Are They Now?

It’s been nearly a year since Oracle acquired Sun, and it’s been a year packed with high profile departures. But what happened to those who left Sun/Oracle for pastures new? Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart has published a roundup of where the former employees have wound up, ranging from VMWare, to Sonatype and Red Hat. And, in related news, are Facebook eyeing up Sun’s old Menlo Park offices for their new HQ? According to the “multiple sources” cited by TechCrunch, this could be the case.

Nimrod Reaches 0.8.10

Version 0.8.10 of the Nimrod programming language has been released. This is primarily a bug fix release, which updates the keyval example and addresses various bugs concerning exception handling. Nimrod is a statically typed, compiled, garbage-collected, systems programming language. It offers cross-module inlining and dynamic method binding with inlining and without virtual method table.

Nimrod in action:

echo("Hello, World!")

JBoss AS 6 is Final

JBoss Application Sever 6 version 6.0.0Final has been announced, with EJB3.1 embedded support and improved support for EJB3.1 @Asynchronous functionality. Please see the Release Notes for more information. Currently planned for version 7.0 is a MSC update, bringing it to 1.0.0.Beta5, and support for legacy MC configuration.

ZK Spreadsheet Hits 2.0 Milestone

The ZK Spreadsheet has reached version 2.0. ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable Ajax spreadsheet that brings Excel functionality into browsers using pure Java. With the 2.0 release, users can import Excel 2003/2007 files into ZK Spreadsheet, and make them collaborative online. Ajax spreadsheet can also be integrated with Java EE and additional back-end services, and ZK Spreadsheet can be used as a JSF Component.

Leonardo Sketch Remix Available

The ‘Glowing Green’ release of Leonardo Sketch is still under development, but Leonardo fans can still get their hands on a new release. Ruby Red Remixed comes with an infinite canvas that will grow automatically as you add new objects, Flickr upload support for sharing your creations with the world, and a new rectangle UI. Unfamiliar with Leonardo Sketch? Be sure to check out our interview with creator Josh Marinacci to get the low-down on the new project.

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