JAXmag Scala Issue!

JAXmag Issue Two Goes Scala!

Jessica Thornsby

Take a look at what’s new in Lift 2.0, and watch Scala creator Martin Odersky’s keynote, in the second edition of JAXmag!

The second issue of JAXmag is out now! And, for our second edition, we’ve focusing on the Scala programming language!

Whether you believe Scala is too complex or not, we’ve got a tutorial that makes coding in Scala easy, with Heiko Seeberger’s Game of Life with Scala and SBT! One of the first companies to adopt Scala, Scala Technology give us a unique insight into their six year long journey with Scala; and co-author of ‘The Definitive Guide to Lift’ Marius Danciu takes us through what’s new in Lift 2.0! And, there’s a special treat for all our subscribers who read JAXmag while connected to the internet, with video links to a keynote by Scala creator Martin Odersky, plus an interview with Ted Neward.

New readers can subscribe at the JAXmag homepage, and don’t forget to stay tuned for issue three!


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