The final phase of the JAXenter survey has kicked off

These are the trendiest programming languages of 2016

Dominik Mohilo
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What technologies do you want to use this year? This question occupies a central spot in our hefty JAXenter survey. For the past three weeks, our readers from portals and have been diligently answering some questions we have prepared for them. Now that the final sprint has begun, it is time to feast your eyes with the interim results.

The JAXenter survey regarding your personal choices for the best technology trends of 2016 debuted on January 19, but there’s still time to tag along! Let us know which are the topics you would like to delve into this year!

Preliminary results: Programming languages 2016

The question regarding the programming languages our readers would like to delve into was without a doubt one of the ten focal points of our survey. There is no surprise whatsoever that Java in general and Java 8 features were on our readers’ minds -roughly 47 percent of the respondents found Java ‘very interesting’ and 28,5 percent considered it ‘interesting’, which led us to a massive 75 percent interest in Java. Java 8 features scored an interest of about 85 percent.



Our respondents’ broad interest in JavaScript was quite a surprise. This programming language appears to be on the radar screen of roughly 67 percent of our respondents this year.



Readers’ interest was also divided between Scala, Groovy and TypeScript. These languages seem to have similar results -the votes are evenly distributed throughout the five assessment grades.

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About one third of our respondents are interested in domain-specific languages while approximately a fourth are enthusiastic about Swift, Go, Python and Clojure.


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It appears that Rust, (J)Ruby and PHP have not managed to grab respondents’ attention too much, but the worst performer remains Objective-C: only about five percent of the total number of respondents found it ‘interesting’ and ‘very interesting’.



There’s still time to participate in our survey!

You’ve seen the interim results of our programming languages theme -in the following days, we will turn attention to other technological domains such as frameworks, software architecture and data storage to name a few.

If you want to have a say in the final results, our survey remains open until February 19. Don’t miss the chance to tag along: your opinion matters!

Dominik Mohilo
Dominik Mohilo studied German and sociology at the Frankfurt University, and works at S&S Media since 2015.

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