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Taking the pulse of the Java ecosystem: What Java frameworks do you use frequently?

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We have had quite a few polls lately with an amazing response rate and for that, we would like to extend a warm thank you! However, this time we decided to put the spotlight on Java and take a closer look at its ecosystem. So, Java developers, this poll is for you!

Last week, we introduced a poll that aimed to identify which languages will be on your list for 2019 and we were quite surprised by the results!

The biggest surprise of the poll results was Dart, which was voted the number one language in your 2019 list with 223 votes, while the super-hyped Kotlin barely made it to top 10 with 54 votes. PythonJavaScript, and Java 11 were expected to hit the top 5, however, it was not expected that Python would occupy that second place with such a huge difference in votes (Python 174 votes, JavaScript 95 votes) between this new favorite and JavaScript, which scored the 3rd position.

Here is what the results look like:

But today we are going back to our roots and our core topic that is, of course, none other than Java!

Since its birth, JAXenter has been focusing on Java and the Java ecosystem, so it’s only natural that we dig a bit deeper into the Java world.

In this poll, we invite you, Java developers, to let us know which Java framework you have used extensively in 2018 or, if you are new to this scene, what framework you plan to use this year.

We can’t wait to find out!

Which Java framework have you been using/plan to use this year?

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