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JAXconf Community Night – Crockford lauds JavaScript, Raspberry Pi coolness

Chris Mayer

A fun-filled night at Day One of JAXconf – featuring Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript flavoured keynote, some cool talks and Raspberry Pi action

Day One of JAXconf 2012 wound up with a vibrant community night that truly covered the spectrum of the Java ecosystem.

Douglas Crockford began proceedings with his keynote ‘JavaScript: Your New Overlord’ looking the world’s most misunderstood programming language. Crockford’s typical cutting wit was present throughout, detailing how JavaScript was both the most popular and unpopular language for developers and how its the language developers use without bothering to learn it first.

We also took a trip down memory lane – Java applets and Netscape were hated on as we learnt the origins of JavaScript. ‘JavaScript was a failed language – it should have died when NetScape died:’ said Crockford.

He also touched upon JavaScript range of appealing to the masses – even novices can do great things with JavaScript, but one of the main complaints of JavaScript is that it’s slow and has performance problems especially in the browser. JavaScript is clearly everywhere though – originally gaining prominence in the browser, but now appearing in browsers, operating systems, databases and more.

Crockford, as ever, wasn’t afraid of making bold statements, even going so far to say JavaScript is the universal virtual machine, above the JVM. Certain to create some discussion amongst seasoned Java devs. By the end, Crockford concluded JavaScript was the world’s most important programming language, and he’d made a convincing argument, even though how it got to that point was through chance alone.

Simon Maple then moved onto the Liberty Profile – a developer-focused profile for web, OSGi and mobile apps using Raspberry Pi. For those unware of Raspberry PI, it’s a cool lightweight single board computer currently sweeping the tech world. Simon showed the Liberty Profile in action – with WebSphere running in it.

To check out what it can do see the video below:

Seriously, it’s amazing. Check out a later video on the JAX Social Area Raspberry Punnet…

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