Only nerds like tests.

That’s right, if you actually enjoy tests, then you must be some kind of hardcore nerd-geek. Nobody normal likes tests,
only supernerds.

Hold on – nerds have long since been cool and influential, both in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. After all, the most
powerful CEOs in the world are nerds these days. So whether we like it or not, if any of us want to make it big in tech, we all
need to do some soul searching, befriend our inner nerd and find our suppressed love of testing.

And yet in spite of their undeniable role in the success of software, the test is still one of the most hated aspects of software development. “All too often test code is seen as a second class citizen not deserving of the love and care that production code receives,” says Colin Vipurs, author of Tests need love too. “This leads to brittle and unmaintainable test suites that hamper instead of helping the development process.”

That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire issue of JAX Magazine to testing, in order to help it overcome its nerdy stigma and second class status.

For Spring users, Nicolas Fränkel shows us how Spring application tests have three layers – a bit like dreams in Inception. The above-mentioned author Colin Vipurs has a few lessons for us about naming in testing and tells us why you should never ever name your test “Test1”. Testing pro Daniel Witkowski takes a look at the most common mistakes made during performance testing.

And finally for those of us that never know quite when to stop testing, we have an introduction to an Eclipse plug-in that helps you evaluate how much time you’re spending (not wasting) on tests.

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