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Microservices, is it for everyone?

JAX Magazine – August 2015

In this latest JAX Magazine issue we’ve asked a selection of our conference speakers to share some nuggets of wisdom from their talks at the conference.

From database testing and smart benchmarking to a microservices reality check and continuous delivery tips, this is a special issue for anyone looking to keep their skills on trend. We’re even going to learn what Parisian history can teach us about software architecture!

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Inside this issue

MICROSERVICES: Storm in a teacup, or teacups in a storm?
Holly Cummins

CONTINUOUS DELIVERY: A tale of two teams – Smoothing the continuous delivery path
Lyndsay Prewer

ARCHITECTURE: Learning from Paris – Network-based architectures 
Eric Horesnyi

JAVA: Java performance tutorial – How fast are the Java 8 streams?
Angelika Langer

JAVA: Coding for desktop and mobile with HTML5 and Java EE 7
Geertjan Wielenga

JAVA: JEP 222 14 JShell – the Java 9 REPL
Werner Keil

DATABASES: MySQL is a great NoSQL – Making the right database decisions
Aviran Mordo

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Rethinking how we think about the self-service cloud BI
Chris Neumann

DATABASES: The future of cloud computing 
Zigmars Raascevskis

DATABASES: Testing the Database Layer
Colin Vipurs

FINANCE IT: Financial services PaaS and private clouds
Patricia Hines

INFRASTRUCTURE: The future of traffic management technology
Kris Beevers

BENCHMARKING: Trade-offs in benchmarking – Cost, scope and focus
Aysylu Greenberg

SECURITY: Common threats to your VoIP system – Five tips to stay secure
Sheldon Smith

REST: Why reusable REST APIs are changing the game
Ben Busse

PERFORMANCE: Milliseconds matter: Considering the performance factor in an API-driven world 
Per Buer