Not a “coding for dummies” lesson

Programming is not a “who does better” contest and it’s just as hard as learning a new language: it takes time until you get the hang of it and master all its facets. It might get intimidating at times, which is why the following cheat sheets might come in handy: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Kotlin and Dart.

And since we’re here to learn more about programming languages, why not dive deeper into the JVM universe? It will be fun, I promise.

Are you curious yet? I invite you to open the magazine and discover the finest jewels of the Java Platform.


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Inside this issue

Java pointers for beginners  

Martin Patsov

JavaScript crib notes

Kostadin Hamanov

The ultimate JavaScript plugin cheat sheet

Sohel Ather

The complete guide to Scala
Markus Hauck

Kotlin cheat sheet: Tips and tricks

Dmitry Jemerov

Creating apps with Dart and Stagehand

Alexei Eleusis Díaz Vera

Pirates of the JVM: Ready for adventure? 

Gabriela Motroc

Golo — A dynamic JVM language
Yannick Loiseau

Clojure — Treat code as data

Mark Engelberg

Jython: Python for the Java Platform
Frank Wierzbicki

Fantom: Designed as a “better Java”

Brian Frank

“Go is way less verbose than Java” 

Interview with Matt Aimonetti

Transitioning into a tech career?
Interview with Chitra Ragavan, Chief Communications Officer at Gem



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