Software vs. and Finance

Does working in the finance sector pay off for software developers? The answer is “yes”. IT is a must have for most banks these days – a massive change from its previous “optional” status. That being said, if banks are trying to win developers over, why shouldn’t the latter learn a bit about this sector?

The technological needs of the finance industry include aspects such as Continuous Delivery, Java, Big Data, machine learning, low latency etc. By embracing these elements, the finance sector can change the status quo and co-exist with what appears to be a fierce opponent: FinTech. How should banks respond to FinTech? We invite you to open the magazine and find out.


Inside this issue

Banks are innovating but not at the rate you want them to 

Todor Gigilev

“Banks understand that technology is no longer just a tool — but a core skill”

Interview with Eric Horesnyi

“Technology not going with finance is like saying macaroni doesn’t go with cheese”

Interview with David M. Brear

Payments are about to change
John Davies

The traditional banking sector is much more “intrusive” than Bitcoin

Interview with Paolo Tasca

Looking beyond the blockchain hype

Henry Brade

The use of Java in finance

Stephen Colebourne

The Leprechaun Trap
Ram Lakshmanan

What can you do to minimize the risk?

Jorge Sagastume

Don’t fall into the “rewrite from scratch” trap
Sahil Patel

Eclipse Two: “I want to use Electron as a vehicle to rethink the IDE experience”

Interview with Doug Schaefer

“In a way, Apache Beam is the glue that connects many big data systems together”

Interview with Davor Bonaci and Jean-Baptiste Onofré