Look who’s back! OSGi

From security predictions to microservices prosperity and the answer to interoperability problems, this issue is all about eliminating the disruption and helping developers to smoothly accomplish their tasks.

Is OSGi really back? Is the new OSGi framework the answer? Exactly how easy is it to set up Eclipse? What are the benefits of microservices and why should you implement them? Which are the best database managers for developers? Is bridging the answer to interoperability issues? What are the security predictions for this year? Take a look inside to find the answers.

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Inside this issue

SECURITY: 2016 security predictions

Christophe Birkeland

OSGi: Back to the roots

Tim Verbelen

OSGi: OSGi enRoute 1.0

Peter Kriens

INTERVIEW: Angular 2, TypeScript … and a release date
Martin Probst

DATA: Creating database content with Java 8

Per Minborg

DATA: Best database managers for developers

Steve Naidamast

TOOLS: Setting up Eclipse is easy now

Frederic Ebelshäuser, Nina Geiger, Sophie Hollmann

TOOLS: Bridging is the answer to interoperability issues
Wayne Citrin

ARCHITECTURE: Microservice architecture is gaining momentum

Bart Mroz

OPINION: From Silicon Valley to ISIS
Stoyan Mitov

BUSINESS: Today’s tech partnerships

Michael Sage