Demystifying DevOps

People like Patrick Debois, Andrew Shafer and John Allspaw (to name a few) have given us the means to transform this group of concepts into a movement but now it’s time to focus on some of its facets: continuous delivery, business culture, cloud platforms, microservices and container technology. Let’s allow our authors to convince you that these ingredients are equally important to DevOps. Mark Hinkle, VP at The Linux Foundation will tell you what’s next for the effort to improve coordination between software developers and operations personnel while Justin Arbuckle, CTO & Agile, Lean and DevOps Transformation Leader for Sococo, Inc. will explain why measuring DevOps ROI is essential for companies that are embracing the industry’s forward movement.

Björn Rabenstein, Production Engineer at SoundCloud, will reveal why Prometheus itself is a product of a DevOps mindset while Sunil Mavadia, Director of Customer Success for XebiaLabs, will convince you that release orchestration is essential for Continuous Delivery success. We haven’t even got to the discussion about culture, cloud and microservices so perhaps you should open the magazine and see what we have prepared for you.


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Inside this issue

Modern DevOps – Connecting business and IT

Sebastian Meyen

Open source software tools of DevOps

Mark Rinkle

Seven reasons why culture is key

Hartmut Schlosser

The real ROI of DevOps
Justin Arbuckle

The key concepts of Continuous Delivery

Sacha Labourey

The need for release orchestration

Sunil Mavadia

The next battle in the container revolution

Hartmut Schlosser

Containers and the enterprise
Miska Kaipiainen

“Prometheus itself is a product of a DevOps mindset”

Interview with Björn Rabenstein

Microservices and DevOps are good friends
Pavan Belagatti

Why cloud is important for DevOps

Kamen Tarlov

“Resisting automation seems both futile and undesirable”

Interview with John Danaher

“Scala is a perfect match for Bitcoin”

Interview with Chris Stewart