The darlings of the JavaScript world

Remember when JavaScript was dubbed the world’s most misunderstood programming language? Suffice it to say that this is no longer the case.

The number of libraries and frameworks could easily overwhelm you so let’s stick to the most popular ones: Angular, React and Vue.js. This JAX Magazine issue wouldn’t be complete without Node.js, a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.


Inside this issue

The world of JavaScript  

Vladimir Shkarupin

Two years with Angular and loving it

Yakov Fain

Six reasons why you need to try Angular

Kevin Gardner

What the new Angular 5 means for you 

Mariana Burbela

The original Angular: Still kicking in 2018

Lyubomir Petkov

Angular vs. React — Who’s one step ahead?

Interview with Dr. Marius Hofmeister and Stephan Rauh

React: 7 reasons why you need to switch 

Vlad Pshenychka

The attractiveness of React Native

Anna Klimenko and Alexander Kotov

Considering a new framework: Vue.js

Luis Elizondo

Everything you need to know about Vue.js 

Kayla Matthews

The road ahead for Node.js

Rubi Saini, Gaurav Gupta, and Ankit Gupta

How well do you know your JavaScript trivia?

Jane Elizabeth

Meet Lisk, a blockchain platform for JavaScript developers

Interview with Max Kordek

How to succeed in tech: Tips from Agnès Crepet

Agnès Crepet