Quo vadis Java EE? From Microservices to the cloud

It appears that all roads lead to the cloud and this issue is no exception. While Oracle indicates that it will move Java EE to the cloud, we promise to teach you how to move your business to a private cloud and openly talk about the problems of cloud storage services.

But enough about that! Don’t miss the second part of our microservices checklist and make sure to read about the needs and expectations of mobile users and how to meet them. We’ve got you covered if you want to know where Bitcoin stands post-halving and if you want to learn more about software development in banking or dive into the Eclipse plugin for named queries.

On a funnier note, we have all the details on the (in)famous TrumpScript. Curious yet?

Download it here.


Inside this issue

Oracle aims high with Java EE, prepares it for the cloud

Gabriela Motroc

“It might just be mostly marketing”

Interview with Lukas Eder

MicroProfile checklist: What is this initiative all about?

Interview with Martijn Verburg and Mark Little

Checklist: Why are microservices important for you? (Part 2)
Interview with Josh Long

How to move your business to a private cloud

Eugene Rudenko

Cloud storage services: What are the major problems?

Anushka Chakrabarti

Named Queries strike back

Mario Vöhl

“Apps need to show value before they can ask for information”
Interview with Nancy Hua

Column: [Bit]coin flipping

Gabriela Motroc

“Bitcoin is the world’s first universal currency”
Interview with Henry Brade

Software development in banking
Daniel Cohen

TrumpScript — Or how to troll Donald Trump gracefully

Interview with Sam Shadwell