Does this FRAME WORK?

It’s not like we haven’t heard it before but now this seems to be the general consensus: frameworks are the next phase in the evolution of programming languages. Don’t get me wrong, programming languages’ time is not up and one cannot and should not imagine a world without them. However, the thought that frameworks could make our lives easier is not far-fetched.

Are you curious yet? I invite you to open the magazine and find out why you should give credit to frameworks for making your life easier.


Inside this issue

Challenging programming languages’ supremacy 

JAXenter survey

The pros and cons of using a framework

Nikola Kolev

Frameworks are the new black

Nisarg Shah

What do frameworks have to offer?
Rick Delgado

A tale of three frameworks

Brooke Campbell

Angular: One framework

Wassim Chegham, Uri Shaked, and Christoffer Noring

Taking a closer look at JavaFX

Johan Vos

Testing with Spring
Nicolas Fränkel

MVC 1.0 is here to stay

Ivar Grimstad

A glimpse of JSF 2.3
Josh Juneau

Top Node.js frameworks for awesome web applications

David Meyer

A look at Eclipse MicroProfile

Martijn Verburg

“Technology reflects the people who make it”
Interview with Heather VanCura

Should you store code in the cloud?
Kent Raju