The barbeques are smouldering out, the nights are drawing in and Summer’s well and truly drawing to a close. That can only mean one thing: JavaOne is nearly upon us! After a false start in 2013, since last year’s event, we’ve finally had the long awaited Java 8 launch, bringing with it lambdas, the long-awaited re-imagining of the Date and Time API, and countless other small tunings that overall added up to one big release.

Java 9 still seems a long time off, but we’re expecting big developments on the modularity front. Not sure about those freemium release model rumours – but rest assured, we’ll keep you posted. This will be my last issue as editor of JAX Magazine, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye on future editions for all the latest Java goodness, courtesy of Coman Hamilton, your friendly local and JAXmag man.

On that note, as usual, we’ve got plenty to offer. For starters, Nicolas Frankel will be offering an in-depth look at Spring configuration modularization for Integration Testing. From the Eclipse and Big Data worlds, we’ll be hearing from Holger Voormann and regular contributor Cory Isaacson. Finally, CloudBee’s Sacha Labourey will explain why app developers are now “strategic” gold. Well worth printing and sharing with your boss we think, ideally in poster size, positioned directly in front of his monitor.

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