What is DevOps?

An over-inflated hype or the chance to empower the developer in totally new ways?

As authors like Mirco Hering and Mark Warren show us in this issue, if we endeavour to understand what it’s really about, there are a great many positive things to be learned from the DevOps trend.

On top of that, we also get to hear about several other programming mysteries, including the BYOD movement, banking systems and the unfathomable enigma that is Docker security.


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Inside this issue

DEVOPS: Is that really DevOps, what you’re doing?
Mirco Hering

DEVOPS: Five tips for DevOps success
Mark Warren

DOCKER: Docker and Security – How to run a tightly contained ship
Dustin Huptas and Andreas Schmidt

BUSINESS: The impact of BYOD on the enterprise
David Goldschlag

DATABASES: Who’s the sheriff in today’s data centre wild west?
Pierre Fricke

CAREERS: What languages does it take to be a great developer?
Henri Dubois-Ferriere

WEB: Website obesity could be bloating your code
David Hsieh

SECURITY: Myths and realities behind security analytics
Karthik Krishnan

FINANCE IT: Agile banking needs a new core
Christian Burkhardt and Michael Wittig

MOBILE: Big in Japan: Cordova
Masa Tanaka

MOBILE: In defense of ASP.NET
Juned Ahmed