Blockchain shows its true colors

Blockchain, Docker, microservices, security and Spark; these are the buzzwords that we’ve included in this issue. Do you want to learn more about Eclipse hawkBit? Say no more! Have you seen the latest comments about Eclipse Papyrus? We are going in for the kill and mediating a debate between a user and Papyrus project lead Charles Rivet.

This issue includes plenty of interviews with high- profile people such as Bitcoin consultant Caterina Rindi, Spark creator Matei Zaharia, the Hyperledger Project’s new executive director Brian Behlendorf, Aviran Mordo, head of back-end engineering at Wix and Viktor Farcic, senior consultant at CloudBees. But that’s not all!

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Inside this issue

Checklist: Why are microservices important for you?

Viktor Farcic and Aviran Mordo

Docker for the rest of us

Mario David

What does it take to make people trust Bitcoin?

Caterina Rindi

Column: [Bit]coin flipping
Gabriela Motroc

Apache Foundation founder wants to take the Hyperledger Project to the next level

Brian Behlendorf

Software updates in an IoT context

Michael Hirsch and Kai Zimmermann

Eclipse Papyrus debate: Ready for the big stage?

Dr. Michael Jastram and Charles Rivet

“We designed Spark as a next-generation, more flexible MapReduce”
Matei Zaharia

The recipe for success

Mehul Rajput

Where are the skilled developers?
Christian Hasker

SDN security: challenges, benefits and strategies

David Jorm

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