Let’s celebrate Java – three times!

It’s that time again: A new Java version is here! Java 13 was launched as planned, six months after the release of Java 12, and again it has some interesting features on board. In this issue of Jax Magazine, we’ve covered them for you in detail.

The good news doesn’t end there, as JavaFX 13 has also been released. The UI toolkit is no longer included in the JDK but has adjusted its new version releases to the new Java release cadence. Find out what’s new here!

Last but not least: Jakarta EE, the follow-up project of Java EE, has announced its first release under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation. We got hold of the executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, Mike Milinkovich, and asked him about the current status of Jakarta EE.

Happy reading!


Inside this issue

Java 13 – a deep dive into the JDK’s new features

Falk Sippach

Java 13 – why text blocks are worth the wait

Tim Zöller

Jakarta EE 8 is sprinting towards an exciting future for enterprise Java

Thilo Frotscher

Jakarta EE 8 release – the future is now!

Interview with Mike Milinkovich

OpenJFX 13 – “JavaFX gets its own identity”

Interview with Dirk Lemmermann

JavaFX 13 release

Interview with Johan Vos

The state of DevOps

Jeff Sussna

Kubernetes as a multi-cloud operating system

Patrick Arnold

Multi-tier deployment with Ansible

Daniel Stender

Do we need a service mesh?

Anton Weiss

Neural networks with PyTorch

Chi Nhan Nguyen

Machine learning with the Apache Kafka ecosystem

Kai Wähner

Python: “We see a trend towards adding more and more typing support“

Interview with Oz Tiram

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