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JAX Magazine is out: Machine learning from A to Z

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JAX Magazine April Issue

If you want to know the ABCs of machine learning or if you need to brush up on basic concepts, the first part of the latest JAX Magazine issue is for you. If you’re a machine learning aficionado or expert, you’ll surely enjoy the second part.

We first dipped our toes in the machine learning water in mid-2016 but as we witnessed our readers’ growing interest in this transformative technology first-hand, we decided it was time to give it the importance it deserves.

Machine learning is all the rage these days and if your company is not in the conversation, perhaps you want to hear how trivago, BigML, Studio.ML, Udacity, AWS and Skymind put this technology to good use. Also, if you thought machine learning and DevOps don’t mix well, think again. Last but not least, we recently talked about the importance of ethics education among developers so now it’s time to have the “how to develop ML responsibly” talk with you.

I wish you a happy reading!

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Inside this issue

A basic introduction to machine learning

Richard Gall

The rules of machine learning

Jane Elizabeth

Stack Overflow survey 2018: ML trends

Julia Silge

The state of machine learning in 2018

Maria Thomas

How to develop ML responsibly

Michal Gabrielczyk

Applying machine learning to DevOps

Prasanthi Korada

Does your company have a ML strategy?

Atakan Cetinsoy

Fitting models with AWS AI

Cyrus Vahid

Advanced automation features in Studio.ML

Peter Zhokov and Arshak Navruzyan

How ML ist changing the travel industry

Wilco van Duinkerken

Convolutional LSTM for ocean temperature

Briton Park

Why deep learning is an essential tool for devs

Mat Leonard

Open source and machine learning

Kayla Matthews

Top 5 machine learning libraries for Java

Jane Elizabeth

Deep learning for search: using Word2vec

Tommaso Teofili

“Code generators are becoming more sophisticated”

Interview with Jay Jay Billings

Diversity talk: “Connect and empower one another”

Interview with Sepideh Nasiri, Founder and CEO of Persian Women In Tech

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